The technology department at Putnam Middle School chose for the students to participate in the presentation of a guest speaker to motivate and inspire the students about dreams. Melody Holt, owner of Holt and Holt Entrepreneurship, LLC, founded in 2009, is the owner of a small-based business based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Her business has grown from providing solely residential lawns services to completing commercial grade work to include: property demolitions, total rebuilds and remodels, securing and maintaining foreclosed properties on bank-owned homes, and completing insurance claims throughout the state of Alabama and Mississippi. Their top notch subcontractors are highly skilled and trained professionals who believe in providing high quality work in industry standard time frames. Their determination and desire to continue to be successful in their line of work is demonstrated through their continued willingness to grow and take on challenges to which others would quickly turn naught.

The topics which Mrs. Holt spoke on during each period are as follows: goal setting, entrepreneurship, being whole to reach your success- which includes mentally, physically and spiritually, surrounding yourself with the right circle, how knowledge of the English language plays a role in success, making tough decisions, and reaching for your dreams despite the odds. Each topic was covered with elegance and real-working knowledge that allowed the kids to see that it takes hard work in order to become successful. Mrs. Holt explained that no matter what type of household you come from (traditional or non-traditional), you can reach your dreams. The students listened attentively as Mrs. Holt spoke and they enjoyed the presentation.